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Loveblock NZ-Wide Pairs

The scoring team went home about 11:45pm on the Friday night with just two clubs outstanding of the 51 that succeeded in running their session.

X-Clubs 44

How many bridge players have learnt the art of the finesse but not learnt the art of not finessing?
Board 18 from Tuesday 17/01/23
Dealer East NS Vul


The almost universal contract was 4H by either North or South. The almost universal result was down one or two. In other words, a hopeless contract the way things were. Or was it?

Progress Reports

As at 11;10pm we had 49 of the expected 55 clubs in.

Loveblock Pairs in the Starting Blocks

Welcome to the annual NZ-Wide Pairs. This year we have a great turn-out of 56 clubs from Kerikeri to Invercargill.

Days and Times for NZX BBO Sessions

While lockdown persists and clubs are closed a team of friendly amateur BBO directors began by offering a list of daily 1PM and 7PM sessions open to all NZ players. Interest in the daytime sessions has lately fallen off as clubs return. The week-day sessions (except Friday nights) will be named starting with "NZX Club" and play 14-18 boards of the standard X-Clubs deals with a Swiss draw format when feasible. Friday nights and weekend sessions will be named starting with "NZ Club" and play random boards as no X-Clubs deals are produced for those times. Session results will be reported on this website (Results by Week tab above) and, at around 5:30 and 11PM, will be included in the daily score-across. You'll be able to see how your results stack up in a field of, usually, hundreds of other pairs playing the same hands at clubs around NZ. Click on Read More to .. well .. read more:

Wrapping Up The Babich

The score period having lapsed, the results as published have been declared final by organiser Richard Solomon. There are 750 pairs from 44 clubs .. about 75% of pre-Covid turn-out.

Section Overall, 2nd after Section Ashburton, is a comprehensive listing of all players in rank order. All columns in the Ladder are sortable by clicking on their headings. Find a name in these big reports by searching with CTRL-F. The Section results are reports by club. Special reports are up there too.

Name With-Held Asks ...

Clicking into your name will be part of a larger publication to be made when the final few come through.

The scaling down - or up - is what simultaneous pairs is all about. When club results - say 7 tables - are scored across a much bigger field .. we have 350 tables so far ... they become much more objective. Club results can be "out" by +/-10% over 24 boards when compared with the scored-across result of a larger field. The range, which you can find by clicking on the Difference heading, is currently +9.95 to -9.67 ... both from Thames who had six tables last night. You need about 60 tables before you get results with an average deviation of +/-0.5% when compared to the scored-across result in a really huge field. This is the whole point with X-Clubs - 40% of NZ Clubs are now playing the same boards at the same times in ten different time slots a week. Sometimes we have over 500 pairs competing. When will your club be ready to join in the fun?

On Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 8:02 AM Name With-held wrote:

Wanaka WINS!!

10:55PM Friday
The results have been flowing in very smoothly since 9:45 and 70 minutes later we have all but nine clubs to come. Top runners are Vivian Sexton and Maureen Russ of Kerikeri. Vivian and Maureen are rather good at this, having won the Babich last year.

Forty heats published. Still five clubs to come - Alexandra, Gisborne (keying frantically still), Hastings, Queenstown, and Wanaka (promised first thing tomorrow).

Queenstown arrived after manual input

11:55 - pulling the pin with 41 heats published. Good night all.

9:10AM Saturday
Alexandra and Gisbourne arrive - just Hastings and Wanaka vying for the Wayne Benefield Wooden Spoon Award (Wayne holds the record at 2pm Sunday from 2015)

Hastings arrives. Just the last to come from Wanaka. Reportedly highly chuffed at some measure of success this year.

10:10 .. we have a prospectively final result!! Twelve hours after starting the scoring .. pretty good as these things go. Still hoping for two hours. Maybe next year.

The window for scoring corrections with Richard Solomon closes in two hours at midday.


... although in almost certain-to-be reduced form tonight. We have 45 heats involved, five of which are being played on the RealBridge platform. RealBridge has taken the bridge world by storm in just over a year and certainly appears to have a role in the future of our game. It's something you can play on a device which might well make bridge, or minibridge at least, attractive to the younger set.

Richard Solomon's commentary, which has always appeared in booklet form, will be posted on the NZ Bridge site after 10:30 tonight .. something for you to read while you wait nervously for the first cut of results. In previous years we've managed 80% of the results in 20% of the time but you never know .. maybe tonight we'll have it all wrapped up by 11:30pm (yeah, right!). Tragically there have always be one or two clubs' results we haven't managed to get before noon the next day. Anna Kalma will no doubt be posting progress reports on social media and this page will alert you to posting updates as soon as they take place. Best presentation is on the Wide View tab above.

Enjoy your game everyone!

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