Bob Fearn's Compass Scoring System has been under development for the better part of 40 years. This long-term project of Bob's began when he was living in Tokoroa in the late 70s.

Now resident in Seattle USA, Bob is making constant advances in the capabilities BCS IconBCS Iconand functionality of Compass. In 2007, previous to a major re-write in 2010, Bob developed Compassmate to interface his scoring program with the Bridgemate Control Software (BCS). Compass also interfaces with BridgeTab and BridgePal wireless scoring systems that use Android devices - phones and tablets - to record the data at the table. An interface has been built for BridgePad, too, for those who use it.

The emergence of Milan Durovic's impressive presentation of results led to further development. Results in the form of XML files are now uplifted automatically when produced by Compass and appear on one of Milan's sites - this one in particular for X-Clubs. Also freely available for players of X-Clubs deals is amazing Pianola reporting. Using Compass to score a session of bridge manually or with any table-top device is now just a matter of choosing a movement from lists of those available for a specified number of tables. Once under way the system looks after practically everything else. The full suite of reports you see on Milan's sites are achieved at the press of one button. Pianola reports for X-Clubs arrive by email after every game for those who register for this service.

Click here for Bob Fearn's Compass website which gives an even greater insight into the capabilities of Compass where you'll see there is much more to Compass than just a mere bridge scoring system.