Electronic Scoring Systems

TTU is short for Table-Top Unit - small electronic wireless devices that capture the scoring data. If you don't have such systems they will make huge changes to the way your sessions run at club and tournaments. Bridgemate, BridgeTab, or BridgePal make scorers inputting traveling score sheets a thing of the past.

Bob Fearn has adapted the Compass scoring package to interface with all the above systems as well as the now almost-obsolete BridgePads. They interface with Compass by way of a sub-system called Compassmate.

There are a number of advantages to using TTU's integrated with Compass:

  • These systems are really easy for players to use
  • There is no need to have a scorer to do the manual input at the end of a session
  • Results are available within seconds of the score being entered at the last table to finish playing
  • If the contract, lead and result are entered accurately, the units will compute the correct score thus eliminating scoring errors
  • Corrections to names and scores can be made at the table in playing time
  • Reports are available via websites like Milan Durovic's or Bridge NZ - see under the Results tab on this website for examples of Milan's results - Compass generates this comprehensive suite at the touch of one button
  • If your club doesn't have a website then playing X-Clubs deals provides you with a web-based results service

For further information and enquiries about Bridgemate contact Jan Spaans at Bridgemate NZ. If you wish to know more about BridgeTab or BridgePal, email bobfearn@msn.com

BridgePal is an exciting new concept with an excellent interface that runs on any Android device, requires no server, and has no licensing fees. More details of the system can be found by clicking here