Handicapping - Shark or Minnow?

1. All players have their own XG rating
2. XGs are updated every week in a 3-hour process that combines up the week's results with your history over the last 2000 boards. Greater weighting is accorded to more recent results but your history still has some influence
3. Your partner has an XG too
4. The average of your XGs is the "strength" of your partnership
5. Your strength is compared to the average of your opponents' strengths
6. The difference tells us whether you're a couple of sharks or a pair of minnows in the pools in which you played
7. This difference becomes the amount your raw score needs to be adjusted to get you (and everyone else) back to 50% (ie your handicap)
8. These factors explain just why your handicap can be quite different for other sessions. It is tailored for each particular session