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The attached files answer your question - available in Compass under View Results in NotePad. Mostly it's the strength of your opposition which was 44.85% for 08mond and 48.96% for 09mond - making it harder for you by 4.27%. There's a small change of 0.18% in your combined XG ratings arising from the weekend recalculation of all XGs. This increased the steepness of the hill you had to climb in 09mond. That makes up the difference of handicaps of 4.29%

What any handicap system aims to do is have everyone come out at 50%. This dynamic handicapping - tailored for each session - has calculated that your raw score needed to be 65.34% in 08mond but only 61.05% in 09mond. These targets are (in theory) what you had to score to come out at 50% when the handicaps were applied. As noted this was mostly because you had stronger pairings sitting your way (your real opponents in a 2-winner movement) in 09mond. If you'd sat in the other direction the calculations would have been different again.

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