Loveblock NZ-Wide Pairs

The scoring team went home about 11:45pm on the Friday night with just two clubs outstanding of the 51 that succeeded in running their session. The interim result showed over 850 pairs taking part with Queenstown and Te Anau to come. The field was headed by Grant Jarvis and Lynne Guersen of Franklin with 73.92% scored across the field.

Saturday morning and all results in by 9:30. Eleven hours is as close to normal as it gets. We continue to hope that we'll get it all wrapped up by 11:30pm on the Friday .. but that depends on all clubs getting their results in on time. The final numbers taking part look to be 856 spread over 51 clubs with Grant and Lynne clear ahead by 2.5%.

The results website was down for half an hour under the pressure. That probably didn't cause as much panic as at Cambridge when half the town had a power blackout at 5:30pm. The lines company were saying it wouldn't be on again until 9:30. Sixteen boxes of pizza arrived at 5:45 and there was icecream in the freezer for afters while people were being redirected to other clubs to play. Four went home because they didn't relish playing by light of cell phones. To everyone's relief the power came back on a 6:45 and two of the deserters returned to come top North-South.