Compass Clubs NZ-Wide Pairs Results

The results scored across all six of the Compass Clubs taking part in the New Zealand-Wide Pairs on Friday 2nd of November were made available on this site within hours of the event finishing.

Welcome Back Allan and Denise

The Barclays recently returned from an extended trip overseas. An enthusiastic supporter of the X-Clubs concept before leaving, Allan was nevertheless apprehensive about configuring X-Clubs. A short TeamViewer session was all it took. Here are Allan's comments in an e-mail sent soon afterwards:

Firstly, thanks so much for your time today, Mike. You were very patient.

I am confident we can survive, the reason being you have all made it so darn simple. Why was I so worried?

Waitomo Vets Results Posted to CompassMate and X-Club Site

Starting with just the two .inp files (where Compass stores names and scores) and the two .bri (dealer) files, we have delivered full drill-down detail for this October 11th event.

How to Come Top with 48%

Yes - it really happens. Matamata pair Jim Aneley and Laurie Belfield came top with 63% at Matamata on Monday Week 38 but dropped to sixth out of nine pairs with 48% after X-Clubs cross-field scoring. Huh??!! Read on ..

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