Compass Clubs NZ-Wide Pairs Results

The results scored across all six of the Compass Clubs taking part in the New Zealand-Wide Pairs on Friday 2nd of November were made available on this site within hours of the event finishing. National results are due to be made public by the 9th of November after collation and cross-scoring by NZ Bridge. Congratulations to the top placing Kate McFadyen and Gwyn Lobb who played at the Cambridge club.

Of interest to the promoters of this site will be whether the relative placings and percentages calculated for a sample of the 94 pairs would be markedly changed when we get to see how they fared in a field of, possibly, 1000 pairs.

X-Clubs is like a mini NZ-Wide Pairs every session. It is

  • Free of the restriction of having to play the same number of boards
  • Prompt in its reporting of results
  • Comprehensive in analysis
  • Free of cost