The Babich NZ-Wide Simultaneous Pairs 2020

Welcome to the Bulletin Board if you don't visit this site very often - or even if you do. The scoring for the 2020 Babich commenced soon after 10:00pm. Our first cut of 43 out of 57 clubs was published at 11pm. 661 pairs were reported. The leaders were Vivienne Sexton and Maureen Russ on a whopping 72-something per cent. At 11:20 we were missing just four clubs. Our second cut of 53 clubs netted 819 players with Vivienne and Maureen still undisturbed. Royle Epsom and Taihape came through at 1am so we ran another cut with 848 pairs and 55 of 57 clubs in. All 57 clubs had filed by 10:15am Saturday. An interim final was posted at 10:20.

The final official results are subject to Richard Solomon's confirmation upon expiration of the period for texting him with any scoring corrections (he's playing in the Zelda Morris).

The Wayne Benefield Award for Slowest Club went to Wanaka who had trouble with the scoring. Auckland came a close second by, we suspect, sending their file to the wrong email address. Your scoring team (powered by Bob Fearn's Compass software, two beers and a bottle of Babich pinot gris) of Bob in Seattle, Jan Spaans, Anna Kalma, and Mike Neels in Cambridge is looking forward to next year already.