Vil Gravis on Weak Twos and Transfers

So much for taking a break over Christmas! The man can't sleep without a pen in his hand. Vil is favouring us with his thoughts on Weak Twos and Transfers in a new series of articles. This blog will be updated as he sends more articles. For the present we have:

  1. An Overview of Acol basics
  2. Basic Weak Twos
  3. No Trumps and Transfers
  4. No Trump Rebids
  5. Transfers and More
  6. Transfers after 2NT
  7. Opposition 1NT
  8. SSS: A Simple System Summary
  9. Bonus Article on play at No Trumps

If you wish to receive these articles via direct email when they're hot off the press just let Vil ( know and he'll add you to his mailing list.