How to See Your BABICH Results

Publishing soon after maybe 30 of the 57 results that we expect come in, the team at X-Clubs will be constantly updating the ladder as we work. As the evening goes on we would expect to have about 50 clubs ready to publish around midnight .. maybe ALL of them this year. Who knows? 2019 could be the first year when we don't have to chase a few people up on their Saturday.

To see your results click on the Wide View tab above and either go direct to your club or search for your name using CTRL-F (hold down CTRL and push the F key) in the Ladder or the Overall items. The Ladder is sortable by clicking on any green column header while you can drill down in the Overall and the club Section items. Take advantage of the Replay and Analyse feature powered by Bridge Solver On Line (BSOL)when you're looking at the display that lists what everyone did on any particular hand.