X-Clubs Into Second Year

Another milestone achieved: X-Clubs started out in Week 35 of 2012 with just Hamilton and Cambridge to add together. In Week 36 we picked up Matamata and Tauranga as well.

X-Clubs Passes a Milestone

"BOB - it's broken! It won't do the Tuesday night cross-add!"

Gisborne Joins the Fun!!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our second Scorer club to X-Clubs. Gisborne has joined the ranks.

Answers to Searching Questions from Dargaville ..

John wrote:

X-Clubs now ON for Scorer Clubs

We are proud to welcome the Dargaville club as the first non-Compass club to take part in X-Clubs.

New Parameters for League Tables

Starting in 2013, now that we have some history built up, we are going to specify a minimum of 15 games before a player's name can appear in the weekly League Tables.

X-Club results explained

Read all about why scores and rankings may change once scores are combined

Bob Fearn's Compass Newsletter

Open the attachment below to read Bob's Christmas newsletter.

The New Season

Yes - it's time to set up those files for 2014.

Take advantage of the whole season's deals already generated for you.

Deals with no obvious opening bids

There has been some discussion about deals with no hands containing 12 points. This is disappointing for learners, but it should be seen as being just part of the game.

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