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What should be your plan in a 6D contract given AC lead followed by another club?

This problem was sent out with a typo (unintentional) where South actually had the SEVEN of diamonds not the six. One of my expert declarer players ruffed the second club and played on trumps (a good line as the cards were presented to you, but read on). Clearly the diamond finesse has to work if this ridiculously bid slam is to make. But what if East has four diamonds? East will cover the second round and a third diamond to dummy will leave you stuck on table and you will have to then hope the doubleton queen of hearts drops and you can run the hearts through East until East ruffs and you can overruff.

Allowing for all possibilities, here is what one of my panelists suggested: win second club in hand and lead a heart to dummy (not a spade, that may be needed for an entry!). Then play trumps, finessing as long as necessary. If diamonds are 4-1 you have no option but to clear them and then hope the heart suit comes home. Do you now finesse or play for the queen to drop? There is nothing to go on other than that you know that East had four diamonds and West only one. Does that not increase the odds that West has the queen of hearts? And when it does not appear, cross your fingers and finesse. If that loses you will get your just deserts for bidding such a silly slam instead of settling for a quiet and unexciting 4H. Is there a statistics expert among our readers who could calculate the actual odds of finessing against playing for the drop in the heart suit after the play has been as I have described, PLEASE let me know.

Now for another problem, for open players only but anyone is welcome to answer.

You are playing TEAMS and the bidding has been:
NS vul Dealer East


EW are playing Precision, the 1S is 11-15 and 5+ spades, the 3S response described as "1 to 5 HCP and four spades"

This is your hand:


a) What do you bid?
b) Would you have bid anything over the 1S opening and if so, what?

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In anticipation of your answers and grateful thanks for participation in the past.