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Subject: New bridge books on declarer play and defense

Hi all, some of the books belowwill definitely be worth reading. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to discuss the books when they have them. Maybe even one person could buy one or two and then share them with others? If you're interested in such a ‘joint venture’ please let me know, or if anyone wants to purchase any of the books they can do so direct. I think declarer play and defence are the major things that need improving on.

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DECLARER PLAY: Break Out of the Pack
Danny Roth
146 pp (paperback)
$14.95 ($US)
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DEFENSE: Break Out of the Pack
Danny Roth
130 pp (paperback)
$13.95 ($US)
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“The books are firmly geared toward intermediate-level players, and they present some terrific insights on how to think about the respective phases of the game.”

--ACBL Bridge Bulletin

Get both books for $24.50--and save 14%.

Other bridge books by Danny Roth:

Avoid Bidding Disasters: Win by Steering Clear of Trouble
Outsmart the Bridge Experts
Test Your Bidding Against the Experts
Test Your Opening Leads Against the Experts
Test Your Play and Defense Against the Experts

And for the bridge connoisseur…

MASTERPIECE DEALS: A Gallery of Beautiful Card Play
Augie Boehm
84 pp (paperback)
$9.95 ($US)
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Other bridge books by Augie Boehm:

Big Deal: A Memoir From the Wonderful World of Bridge
Bridge Smarts (ABTA 2016 Book of the Year Award)
Demon Defense and Demon Doubling
Expert Hand Evaluation
Matchpoints vs. IMPs: Different Games; Different Strategies
Private Sessions: A Bridge Education
Three Notrump in Depth
Wielding the Axe: The Vanishing Art of the Penalty Double

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