Wednesday Play at The Hutt (15)

Harking back to Wednesday Play (14) here's another common situation. Here are the West’s and dummy’s hands.
Dummy (North)


You (West):


South, as dealer, has opened 1NT. You pass and North bids 2C (Stayman). South bids 2S which North raises to 4S. A well known American bridge expert has said: “God didn’t deal you both the ace and king in the same suit for you to lead any other suit”. That is very good advice even if not to be followed without at least some thought. This time, it is a ‘no brainer’: you have three almost certain tricks and after starting with a top club, you will hope to get an idea how to continue.

You see dummy. How will you continue if:
a) partner follows with the TWO and declarer the SEVEN?
b) partner follows with the FIVE and declarer the SEVEN?
c) partner follows with the FIVE and declarer with the THREE

Answers please before the next issue of “Wednesday Play”.