Tricky Answers (03)

You are SOUTH each time.

1. Match Points
Dealer W EW Vul


Partner opens 1H, you bid 2C, partner 2H.
a) What is your bid?

Everybody should be looking at the possibility of a grand slam, but how to get to it and should it be 7H or 7C, or even 7NT as one of the more optimistic panelists thinks. Some panelists believe that the 2H rebid will be at least a six card suit so it should be an easy matter to use Key Card and then, if you’re sophisticated enough (I am NOT) find out if partner has the CQ and bid 7NT. If that card happens to be singleton, partner will need six hearts to the AK and the king of spades for 7NT to make for certain, but then again, six hearts to AK without the jack will also founder against a 4-1 break. A singleton or doubleton small club would make a grand slam in hearts odds on when opener has AKxxxx when the grand slam in No Trumps is impossible.

I am a simple fellow and don’t believe that a 2H rebid guarantees a six card suit, so would try and find out if partner does have six or more, by simply bidding 3D. That may also dig out three card club support if partner has Qxx, and Key Card asking would then pinpoint the right cards for either 7H or 7C.

2. Dealer W NS Vul


West opens 1C, partner bids 1H, East bids 1S.
a) What do you bid?

You can be sure that, whether or not East’s bid is genuine, you will have every chance of making 4S, but is there any possibility of confusion if you bid 4S immediately? I don’t think so, but our panelists all want to take another route. Some pass, knowing that West will bid. Then bid 4S whatever happens next. Only Wojo is thinking of the possibility of a DIAMOND SLAM should partner have a heart overcall and also 4 diamonds, so he bids 2S with the intention of bidding 4S next unless partner bids 3D. I do like that, but would DOUBLE not elicit the diamond bid if partner had diamonds as well, and be far less prone to later confusion?

3. Dealer W EW Vul


West opens 1S. Partner bids 2NT (unusual). East bids 3H.
a) What do you bid?

Not much argument here. 5C seems right because it might be a make and 4H or 4S might also be a make despite our defensive cards in the majors. Who knows? Bid what you think could make or break, and if they do bid to the five level then you can tell them the five level belongs to them, doubled.

Now FOR an opening lead and play problem.
4. Dealer E All Vul


East opens 2S (weak two) You pass, 4S from West.

a)What do you lead?

b) if you lead the C10, dummy plays the CJ, C3 from partner, C7 from declarer. Declarer next leads the SQ, S9 from partner, S2 from declarer. You win the ace.

How do you continue?

I was surprised that only one panelist thought of what should be the obvious answer. Let me quote Gerard: “Yay, at last an easy one. QH. Never fatal and necessary if declarer is 6322.” I should add here that declarer will have CA but not CK as well, no intelligent partner would put his king on the doubleton QJ knowing YOU can’t possibly have underled the ace. That almost certainly marks partner with the DK and you can plan your defence well ahead by switching to the QUEEN OF HEARTS and waiting for a heart return from partner when the diamond finesse fails. Should not be difficult for those who plan their defence ahead by more than just one trick.