e-Vil Files 13

This one from Friday 11/09/20 X-Clubs was very poorly defended by EW, yet they still scored over 70% on the board. Knowing when to double a 1NT opening bid contributed to the good result, but the defence was thoughtless to say the least. I have contended earlier that defending against 1NT should be easier than playing it, let me show you why with this very good example.

Board 7 Dealer S All Vul


As dealer, South opened 1NT. West had the required 15+ HCP and doubled. North crossed her fingers and hoped, but East happily passed, and South had nowhere to go.

West started with the five of hearts, a very reasonable opening against the doubled 1NT. East played the queen and declarer won the ace, a hopeful false card that actually did take West in. West should have asked why declarer would win the first trick, and also see that there was a potential heart stop in dummy. Declarer now played the three of diamonds from hand, and this is where West should have done some thinking, but alas West did not, being totally focussed on his own hand and not the other three as well. West played low and dummy’s jack won. A second diamond from dummy saw East follow wth the ten and declarer play the queen, West winning the king. Now, totally focused on his own hand and the heart suit, West led a second heart, which ran to declarer’s eight! A further diamond from declarer was won by West’s ace, East discarding the two of clubs, playing “Reverse” attitude. West still ignored anything but his heart suit and another heart removed declarer’s king. That was five tricks for declarer, and the ace of spades was the sixth for down one, +200 to EW.

This should have been a disaster for EW because they could make 4NT their way, or defeat 1NT by FOUR had they defended properly. But despite that +200 was worth 75% thanks to the other EW pairs not knowing when to double a 1NT opening, or not being able to get to 3NT their way after a 1D opening by South.

In the next issue we’ll have a look at what should happen! But meanwhile you can get a sneaky preview by clicking here.