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If you don’t believe in competing against a weak No Trump, you should read this, which might change your mind. It has not been easy for me to convince people about the virtues of bidding over opponents’ weak 1NT, but one person I know has managed to overcome her phobia very well, if Tuesday’s results at Clubs are anything to go by. I will show you the NORTH hands on three separate boards, and you can decide whether you would bid or pass.

Board 10 from X-Clubs, Tuesday 8/09/2020
Dealer E All Vul



If you play ‘natural’ overcalls, do you bid or pass?
If you play anything that shows both majors, do you bid or pass?

This sequence may not have occurred at all tables, because East might well open the bidding with an eleven count 1D, which would launch West into 3NT immediately. However, when West opened 1NT, North bid 2D (Hamilton aka Cappalletti or Pottage) and when East bid 3D, South, undeterred, bid 3H. Very adventurous by both North and South, but this was passed out, and to add insult to injury, South made 3H. 100% for NS.

Board 11 Dealer S Nil Vul



This one is a bit safer and North can bid 2H if natural overcalls or whatever says ‘both majors’. When North did bid 2D (Hamilton) East might have doubled or bid 3D but South’s 2H ended the bidding. South made 2H, 86% on the board.

Board 17 Dealer N Nil Vul



This time, North could be asking for trouble, since West could have as many as 10 HCP. But I still believe the odds are once more on the side of bidding if you have a system for ‘the majors’. North did bid 2D and it was South with the points, and bid a disciplined 2H despite having a 12 count. North was a passed hand, after all. 2H was not a great contract but South made, with a bit of help from the defence. 70% on the board.

If I have persuaded you that competing against 1NT is a good idea at MATCH POINTS (be much more careful in teams play!), then agree on a good system that allows you to bid TWO suits, not just one, especially if the two suits are the majors. Hamilton is fine but I myself prefer the “Evil” treatment. And make sure you discuss with your partner, show him this article if he needs persuasion.